property donation

Property donation is a winning situation for all involved.  When you donate property to us, people, families, and
charitable programs win, and you win big, too - through personal satisfaction and a substantial tax

Stop wasting money - From maintenance to association fees, state violations and property taxes, why pour money into an unwanted property you are not benefitting from?

What does Chosen Abilities Resource Center, Inc. do with the property?

CARC assesses each property, and based on the condition, location, and other factors, may fix it up, rent it out, or resell to generate profits for our charity.

What tax benefits will I get?

As a general rule, you can claim the fair market value of the donated property. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Will I be charged any fees?

Chosen Abilities will pay half of all closing and recording fees. In order to receive your tax deduction, you’ll need a current appraisal on the property. According to IRS regulations, Chosen Abilities Resource Center, Inc. cannot pay for the appraisal. If you already have an appraisal, you do not need to get another one.

Support education with your donation

Because Chosen Abilities is a nationally-recognized nonprofit, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full appraised value of the donated property.

A child’s life is his home, school, friends and community. It takes a positive experience in all arenas to build a healthy child. We’re a registered nonprofit charitable organization who, together with Pavilion of Hope, Inc., our sister charity, help thousands of children develop into productive members of the community.


If you would like to donate property,

contact our office at

(404) 551.2065